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arXiv:1811.03614 [physics.atom-ph]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

New limits on Anomalous Spin-Spin Interactions

Attaallah Almasi, Junyi Lee, Himawan Winarto, Marc Smiciklas, Michael V. Romalis

Published 2018-11-08Version 1

We report the results of a new search for long range spin-dependent interactions using a Rb -$^{21}$Ne atomic comagnetometer and a rotatable electron spin source based on a SmCo$_{5}$ magnet with an iron flux return. By looking for signal correlations with the orientation of the spin source we set new constrains on the product of the pseudoscalar electron and neutron couplings $g^e_p g^n_p/\hbar c<1.7\times10^{-14}$ and on the product of their axial couplings $g^e_A g^n_A/\hbar c<5\times10^{-42}$ to a new particle with a mass of less than about $1~\mu$eV. Our measurements improve by about 2 orders of magnitude previous constraints on such spin-dependent interactions.

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