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arXiv:1809.05092 [math.PR]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Polynomial mixing time of edge flips on quadrangulations

Alessandra Caraceni, Alexandre Stauffer

Published 2018-09-13Version 1

We establish the first polynomial upper bound for the mixing time of random edge flips on rooted quadrangulations: we show that the spectral gap of the edge flip Markov chain on quadrangulations with $n$ faces admits, up to constants, an upper bound of $n^{-5/4}$ and a lower bound of $n^{-11/2}$. In order to obtain the lower bound, we also consider a very natural Markov chain on plane trees (or, equivalently, on Dyck paths) and improve the previous lower bound for its spectral gap obtained by Shor and Movassagh.

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