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arXiv:1808.09675 [astro-ph.SR]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Spectroscopic orbits of subsystems in multiple stars. IV. Double-lined pairs

Andrei Tokovinin

Published 2018-08-29Version 1

Spectroscopic orbits are computed for inner pairs in 9 hierarchical multiple systems (HIP 19639, 60845, 75663, 76816, 78163, 78416, 80448, 84789, and HD 105080) and for one simple binary HIP 61840. All subsystems are double-lined, and their periods range from 2.27 to 30.4 days. Five spectroscopic binaries are twins with equal masses. Each hierarchical system is discussed individually, providing estimates of outer periods, masses, orbital inclination, and axial rotation. For systems with three resolved visual components (HIP 60845 and 80448), the outer and inner visual orbits are determined, complementing the description of their architecture. The radial velocities of HIP 75663A, 76816B, and 78163B are found to be variable with long periods, implying that these hierarchies are 2+2 quadruples. The period-eccentricity relation for spectroscopic subsystems is discussed.

Comments: Accepted by AJ. 12 pages, 12 figures
Categories: astro-ph.SR
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