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arXiv:1804.05059 [hep-th]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Self-dual 6d 2-form fields coupled to non-abelian gauge field: quantum corrections

Kuo-Wei Huang, Radu Roiban, Arkady A. Tseytlin

Published 2018-04-13Version 1

We study a 6d model of a set of self-dual 2-form $B$-fields interacting with a non-abelian vector $A$-field which is restricted to a 5d subspace. One motivation is that if the gauge vector could be expressed in terms of the $B$-field or integrated out, this model could lead to a non-local interacting theory of $B$-fields only. Treating the 5d gauge vector as a background field, we compute the divergent part of the corresponding one-loop effective action which has the $(DF)^2+F^3$ structure and compare it with similar contributions from other 6d fields. We also discuss a 4d analog of the non-abelian self-dual model, which turns out to be UV finite.

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