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arXiv:1803.04960 [gr-qc]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Frame-invariant approach to higher-dimensional scalar-tensor gravity

Alexandros Karam, Angelos Lykkas, Kyriakos Tamvakis

Published 2018-03-13Version 1

The recent interest in modified theories of gravity, involving some type of non-minimal coupling to the Ricci scalar, and the calculation of cosmological observables in the Einstein or the Jordan frame, motivate the formulation of these theories in terms of quantities that are invariant under frame transformations. Furthermore, in view of the description of gravity and its geometry motivated by string theory, such a formulation could be extended to include theories of extra spatial dimensions. In the present article, we generalize the construction of frame-invariant quantities, concerning a general, $D$-dimensional scalar-tensor theory. Then, we limit our scope to the 5D braneworld scenario, where we study thick brane solutions that are localized on the 3-brane and extend the invariant formulation to the case of multiple scalar fields (non-)minimally coupled to gravity.

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