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arXiv:1801.03920 [cs.IT]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Inner Bound for the Capacity Region of Noisy Channels with an Authentication Requirement

Jake Perazzone, Eric Graves, Paul Yu, Rick Blum

Published 2018-01-11Version 1

The rate regions of many variations of the standard and wire-tap channels have been thoroughly explored. Secrecy capacity characterizes the loss of rate required to ensure that the adversary gains no information about the transmissions. Authentication does not have a standard metric, despite being an important counterpart to secrecy. While some results have taken an information-theoretic approach to the problem of authentication coding, the full rate region and accompanying trade-offs have yet to be characterized. In this paper, we provide an inner bound of achievable rates with an average authentication and reliability constraint. The bound is established by combining and analyzing two existing authentication schemes for both noisy and noiseless channels. We find that our coding scheme improves upon existing schemes.

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