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Genuine Distributed Coherence

Tristan Kraft, Marco Piani

Published 2018-01-11Version 1

We introduce a notion of genuine distributed coherence. Such a notion is based on the possibility of concentrating on individual systems the coherence present in a distributed system, by making use of incoherent unitary transformations. We define an entropic quantifier of genuine distributed multipartite coherence for generic mixed states, and we focus on the bipartite pure-state case. In the latter case we derive necessary and sufficient conditions for the possibility of fully localizing the coherence, hence identifying the conditions for genuine distributed bipartite coherence. We analyze in detail the quantitative problem for the case of two-qubit pure states, identifying the states with the largest amount of genuine distributed coherence. Interestingly, such states do not have maximal global coherence nor maximal coherence rank.

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