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arXiv:1712.06737 [math.AG]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Conormal Varieties on the Cominuscule Grassmannian

Rahul Singh, Venkatraman Lakshmibai

Published 2017-12-19Version 1

Let $G$ be a simply connected, almost simple group over an algebraically closed field $\mathbf k$, and $P$ a maximal parabolic subgroup corresponding to omitting a cominuscule root. We construct a compactification $\phi:T^*G/P\rightarrow X(u)$, where $X(u)$ is a Schubert variety corresponding to the loop group $LG$. Let $N^*X(w)\subset T^*G/P$ be the conormal variety of some Schubert variety $X(w)$ in $G/P$; hence we obtain that the closure of $\phi(N^*X(w))$ in $X(u)$ is a $B$-stable compactification of $N^*X(w)$. We further show that this compactification is a Schubert subvariety of $X(u)$ if and only if $X(w_0w)\subset G/P$ is smooth, where $w_0$ is the longest element in the Weyl group of $G$. This result is applied to compute the conormal fibre at the $0$ matrix in any determinantal variety.

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