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arXiv:1709.03965 [math.OC]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

An Online Optimization Algorithm for Alleviating Contingencies in Meshed Networks

Nicolo Mazzi, Baosen Zhang, Daniel S. Kirschen

Published 2017-09-12Version 1

Power systems are increasingly operated in corrective rather than preventive security mode, which means that appropriate control actions must be taken immediately after a contingency has occurred. This paper proposes an on-line algorithm for automatically alleviating contingencies such as voltage limit violations and line overloads. Unlike previously proposed approaches, the network itself serves as a natural solver of the power flow equations. This makes it possible to start the implementation immediately and avoids problems caused by modeling errors. Every time the controller receives measurements from the grid, it evaluates the presence of contingencies, and computes the optimal corrective actions that can be implemented before the next sampling period, subject to ramping constraints of the generators. These corrective actions are implemented through the standard Automatic Generation Control. Finding the optimal incremental corrective actions is fast because this problem is linearized. The effectiveness of this algorithm at correcting both line overloads and voltage violations is demonstrated using the IEEE-118 Bus test system.

Comments: Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
Categories: math.OC, cs.SY