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arXiv:1708.03320 [cond-mat.mes-hall]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Thermodynamic signatures for the existence of Dirac electrons in ZrTe5

Nityan L. Nair, Philipp T. Dumitrescu, Sanyum Channa, Sinead M. Griffin, Jeffrey B. Neaton, Andrew C. Potter, James G. Analytis

Published 2017-08-10Version 1

We combine transport, magnetization, and torque magnetometry measurements to investigate the electronic structure of ZrTe5 and its evolution with temperature. At fields beyond the quantum limit, we observe a magnetization reversal from paramagnetic to diamagnetic response, which is characteristic of a Dirac semi-metal. We also observe a strong non-linearity in the magnetization that suggests the presence of additional low-lying carriers from other low-energy bands. Finally, we observe a striking sensitivity of the magnetic reversal to temperature that is not readily explained by simple band-structure models, but may be connected to a temperature dependent Lifshitz transition proposed to exist in this material.

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