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Limit theorems for non-linear functionals of stationary Gaussian random fields

Peter Major

Published 2017-08-10Version 1

This is an extended version of a series of talks I held at the University of Bochum in 2017 about limit theorems for non-linear functionals of stationary Gaussian random fields. The goal of these talks was to give a fairly detailed introduction to the theory leading to such results, even if some of the results are presented without proof. On the other hand, I gave a simpler proof for some of the results. (The proofs omitted from this text can be found in my Springer Lecture Note Multiple Wiener--Ito Integrals. In this note first I discuss the spectral representation of the covariance function of a Gaussian stationary rendom field by means of the spectral measure and the representation of the elements of the random field by means of a random integral with respect to the random spectral measure. Then I construct the multiple random integrals with respect to the random spectral measure and prove their most important properties. Finally I show some interesting applications of these multiple random integrals. In particular, I prove some non-trivial non-Gaussian limit theorems

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