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Hidden Conformal Symmetry of Smooth Braneworld Scenarios

G. Alencar

Published 2017-07-14Version 1

In this manuscript we describe a hidden conformal symmetry of some smooth Braneworld scenarios. We generalize our previous result(arXiv:1705.09331) to the case of two scalar fields no-minimally coupled to gravity which has an $SO(1,1)$ symmetry. We show that by choosing a gauge this system provides the action for gravity minimally coupled to a scalar field and a cosmological constant. By breaking the internal symmetry and preserving the conformal one we get an effective potential that is an arbitrary function of $\tanh\phi$. We show from this how to obtain the standard $\mbox{sech}^{2}\phi$ potential that generates a kink solution. We further consider the case with SO(2) internal symmetry and show that the effective potential is an arbitrary function of $\tan\phi$, showing that trigonometric models can also be obtained. Therefore this mechanism explains the origin of unnatural hyperbolic and trigonometric potentials in smooth Braneworld scenarios.

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