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arXiv:1706.07774 [physics.flu-dyn]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Attached flow structure and streamwise energy spectra in a turbulent boundary layer

Sricharan Srinath, J. C Vassilicos, Christophe Cuvier, Jean-Philippe Laval, Michel Stanislas, Jean-Marc Foucaut

Published 2017-06-23Version 1

On the basis of (i) Particle Image Velocimetry data of a Turbulent Boundary Layer with large field of view and good spatial resolution and (ii) a mathematical relation between the energy spectrum and specifically modeled flow structures, we show that the scalings of the streamwise energy spectrum $E_{11}(k_{x})$ in a wavenumber range directly affected by the wall are determined by wall-attached eddies but are not given by the Townsend-Perry attached eddy model. Instead, $E_{11}(k_{x}) \sim k_{x}^{-1-p}$ where $p$ varies smoothly with distance to the wall from negative values in the buffer layer to positive values in the inertial layer. The exponent $p$ characterises the turbulence levels inside wall-attached streaky structures conditional on the length of these structures.

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