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arXiv:1705.06726 [hep-ph]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

New constraints on light vectors coupled to anomalous currents

Jeff A. Dror, Robert Lasenby, Maxim Pospelov

Published 2017-05-18Version 1

We derive new constraints on light vectors coupled to Standard Model (SM) fermions, when the corresponding SM current is broken by the chiral anomaly. Cancellation of the anomaly by heavy fermions results, in the low-energy theory, in Wess-Zumino type interactions between the new vector and the SM gauge bosons. These interactions are determined by the requirement that the heavy sector preserves the SM gauge groups, and lead to (energy / vector mass)^2 enhanced rates for processes involving the longitudinal mode of the new vector. Taking the example of a vector coupled to baryon number, Z decays and flavour changing neutral current meson decays via the new vector can occur with (weak scale / vector mass)^2 enhanced rates. These processes place significantly stronger coupling bounds than others considered in the literature, over a wide range of vector masses.

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