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arXiv:1703.06124 [hep-ph]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

A fresh look at the determination of |V_cb| from B-> D^* l nu

Dante Bigi, Paolo Gambino, Stefan Schacht

Published 2017-03-17Version 1

We use recent Belle results on $\bar{B}^0\rightarrow D^{*+}l^-\bar{\nu}_l$ decays to extract the CKM element $|V_{cb}|$ with two different but well-founded parameterizations of the form factors. We show that the CLN and BGL parameterizations lead to quite different results for $|V_{cb}|$ and provide a simple explanation of this unexpected behaviour. A long lasting discrepancy between the inclusive and exclusive determinations of $|V_{cb}|$ may have to be thoroughly reconsidered.

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