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arXiv:1611.00129 [cs.DS]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Submodular Maximization over Sliding Windows

Jiecao Chen, Huy L. Nguyen, Qin Zhang

Published 2016-11-01Version 1

In this paper we study the extraction of representative elements in the data stream model in the form of submodular maximization. Different from the previous work on streaming submodular maximization, we are interested only in the recent data, and study the maximization problem over sliding windows. We provide a general reduction from the sliding window model to the standard streaming model, and thus our approach works for general constraints as long as there is a corresponding streaming algorithm in the standard streaming model. As a consequence, we obtain the first algorithms in the sliding window model for maximizing a monotone/non-monotone submodular function under cardinality and matroid constraints. We also propose several heuristics and show their efficiency in real-world datasets.

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