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arXiv:1512.04194 [math.NA]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Symplectic methods based on Pad$\acute{e}$ approximation for some stochastic Hamiltonian systems

Liying Sun, Lijin Wang

Published 2015-12-14Version 1

In this article, we introduce a kind of numerical schemes, based on Pad$\acute{e}$ approximation, for two stochastic Hamiltonian systems which are treated separately. For the linear stochastic Hamiltonian systems, it is shown that the applied Pad$\acute e$ approximations $P_{(k,k)}$ give numerical solutions that inherit the symplecticity and the proposed numerical schemes based on $P_{(r,s)}$ are of mean-square order $\frac{r+s}{2}$ under appropriate conditions. In case of the special stochastic Hamiltonian systems with additive noises, the numerical method using two kinds of Pad$\acute e$ approximation $P_{(\hat r,\hat s)}$ and $P_{(\check r,\check s)}$ has mean-square order $\check r+\check s+1$ when $\hat r+\hat s=\check r+\check s+2$. Moreover, the numerical solution is symplectic if $\hat r=\hat s$.

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