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Computation of antieigenvalues of bounded linear operators via centre of mass

Kallol Paul, Gopal Das, Lokenath Debnath

Published 2010-07-26, updated 2013-05-02Version 5

We introduce the concept of theta-antieigenvalue and theta-antieigenvector of a bounded linear operator on complex Hilbert space. We study the relation between theta-antieigenvalue and centre of mass of a bounded linear operator and compute antieigenvalue using the relation. This follows the notion of symmetric antieigenvalues introduced by Hossein et al. in \cite{19}. We show that the concept of real antieigenvalue, imaginary antieigenvalue and symmetric antieigenvalue follows as a special case of theta-antieigenvalue. We also show how the concept of total antieigenvalue is related to the $\theta$-antieigenvalue. In fact, we show that all the concepts of antieigenvalues studied so far follows from the concept of theta-antieigenvalue. We illustrate with example how to calculate the $\theta$-antieigenvalue for an operator acting on a finite dimensional Hilbert space.

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