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Asymptotics of the KPP minimal speed within large drift

Mohammad El Smaily, Stéphane Kirsch

Published 2010-07-06, updated 2010-07-08Version 2

This Note is concerned with the asymptotic behavior of the minimal KPP speed of propagation for reaction- advection-diffusion equations with a large drift Mq (where q is the advection). We first give the limit of the speed as M\rightarrow+\infty in any space dimension N. Then, we give the necessary and sufficient condition that the advection field should satisfy so that the speed acts as O(M) as M \rightarrow+\infty.

Comments: 6 pages
Journal: Comptes Rendus de l'Acad\'emie des Sciences, Volume 348, Issues 15-16, 2010, Pages 857-861
Categories: math.AP
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