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Study of CP violation in $Λ_c^+$ decay

Xian-Wei Kang, Hai-Bo Li, Gong-Ru Lu, Alakabha Datta

Published 2010-03-29, updated 2011-06-08Version 5

In this paper, we study CP violation in $\Lambda_c^+\to BP$ and $\Lambda_c^+\to BV$ decays, where $B,P$ and $V$ denote a light spin-1/2 baryon, pseudoscalar and a vector meson respectively. In these processes the $T$ odd CP violating triple-product (TP) correlations are examined. The genuine CP violating observables which are composed of the helicity amplitudes occurring in the angular distribution are constructed. Experimentally, by performing a full angular analysis it is shown how one may extract the helicity amplitudes and then obtain the TP asymmetries. We estimate the TP asymmetries in $\lam$ decays to be negligible in the standard model making these processes an excellent place to look for new physics. Taking a two Higgs doublet model, as an example of new physics, we show that large TP asymmetries are possible in these decays. Finally, we discuss how BES-III and Super $\tau$-Charm experiments will be sensitive to these CP violating signals in $\Lambda_c^+$ decays.

Comments: 7 pages, 2 tables. Journal reference is added
Journal: Int.J.Mod.Phys.A26:2523-2535,2011
Categories: hep-ph, hep-ex
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