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arXiv:0901.4359 [math.AP]AbstractReferencesReviewsResources

Global regularity of solutions to systems of reaction-diffusion with Sub-Quadratic Growth in any dimension

M. Cristina Caputo, Alexis Vasseur

Published 2009-01-28Version 1

This paper is devoted to the study of the regularity of solutions to some systems of reaction--diffusion equations, with reaction terms having a subquadratic growth. We show the global boundedness and regularity of solutions, without smallness assumptions, in any dimension $N$. The proof is based on blow-up techniques. The natural entropy of the system plays a crucial role in the analysis. It allows us to use of De Giorgi type methods introduced for elliptic regularity with rough coefficients. In spite these systems are entropy supercritical, it is possible to control the hypothetical blow-ups, in the critical scaling, via a very weak norm. Analogies with the Navier-Stokes equation are briefly discussed in the introduction.

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